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10+ Photos Show Our Favorite Animated Film Characters Are Real

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Many of us lived in a dream world with our favorite movie characters as kids. You may have even made up stories with your friends in which you always played your favorite character. At some point, almost every girl thought she was Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, or the Little Mermaid. They weren’t just made up, they were our heroes as kids, and it’s no secret that even adults love all of these movies and cartoons.

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But some people look a lot like these fictional characters, and whether they like it or not, God has given them beautiful faces. When you look at them, you never know if you’re seeing statues or real people, which is another thing that makes them unique.

So, scroll down to see these amazing people who look just like the characters in your dreams, and don’t forget to tell us which one you like best!

1. Elza, Frozen

2. Gru, Despicable Me

3. Jessica Rabbit, Trail Mix-Up

4. Leela, Futurama

5. Mother Gothel, Tangled

6. Merida, Brave

7. Meg Griffin, Family Guy

8. Hot Meg, Family Guy

9. Gadget Hackwrench, Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

10. Flash, Zootopia

11. The Simpsons, The Simpsons

12. Yubaba, Spirited Away

13. Ned Flanders, The Simpsons



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