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16 Photos Of Olympians That Basically Just Completely Terrify Me

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The Olympic Games are an example of the limits of human potential. Every four years, Olympic athletes push themselves to their physical limits in the most difficult events, enthralling viewers all over the world with their superhuman efforts and incredible skill in every sport they compete in. Today, we’ve created a short sample of the ability and awe generated by these athletes’ physical attributes for you. Investigate it.

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1. This picture of German cyclist Robert Forstemann and New Zealand cyclist Greg Henderson showing just how big cyclists’ quads are:

2. This picture of USA swimmer Anthony Ervin shaving every part of his body (besides his head?!):

3. These Dutch gymnasts connecting vertically foot to foot:

4. Swimmer Nathan Adrian having his triceps cupped:

5. France’s Yohann Diniz literally pooping his pants while speedwalking:

6. Gymnast Aly Raisman having her knees cupped:

7. Gymnast Ellie Black’s hands:

8. Legs of George Hincapie after the Tour de France

9. Usain Bolt’s back literally covered in turf from the track from running:

10. Dutch swimmer Sebastiaan Verschuren making air bubble ring art:

11. An x-ray of a gymnast doing a routine.

12. British sprinter Harry Aikines’s extremely veiny legs:

13. All the faces the Olympic divers make:

14. Just, like, Michael Phelps’s crazy arm flexibility:

15. Maarten Van Der Weijden, a Dutch Olympic swimmer, after swimming 163 kilometers (101 miles) in 55 hours to collect money for charity.

16. Another picture of the size difference between basketball players and gymnasts:



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