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16 Women Who Look Like Completely Different People When They Apply Makeup

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If there is magic in the world, it is definitely in the way makeup can change a person so much that they are almost unrecognizable. When Serbian makeup artist Stefan Subotic works on a woman, she becomes an entirely different person. Older clients look younger to us, even though they haven’t had surgery or been helped by a surgeon. Stefan’s work is in “Before and After” format, which shows how the models’ looks have changed.

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More Info & Images Credit – Instagram/stefansubotic_makeup

1. Stephan says that it’s fun for him to work in the studio.

2. Diva

3. How makeup can change a person.

4.” Before and after makeup.”

5. You wouldn’t even know who you are

6. The makeup artist thinks that if his work is good enough, it can sometimes replace plastic surgery.

7. Stephan says that happy customers give him energy.

8. Even her wedding makeup stands out.

9. Stefan’s style includes shadows, bright lips, and long eyelashes.

10. This look was based on Kim Kardashian’s style.

11. Most of the time, she makes her makeup look bright and glamorous.

12. Stefan Subotic makes new looks for people in Belgrade, where he works.

13. Get him to look completely different.

14. The makeup artist gives the models looks that change them completely.

15. It can make you look even thinner.

16. And get rid of any flaws.

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