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18 Images That Send Our Imagination Into Overdrive

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It might be challenging to distinguish between what we are looking at, what is in front of our eyes, and what our brains are telling us. There is a good probability we won’t realize the truth if our brain chooses to concentrate on just one element rather than taking in the entire situation. At this point, our imagination is being pushed so strongly that it loses control. However, it really isn’t all that horrible, is it? The odd and fascinating nature of life keeps us enthralled every day.

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#1. Part of his lower leg is missing

Source: AppreciableAppendage

#2. So good

Source: FriendlySunburst76

#3. Absolute unit

Source: Quixoticpropjet441

#4. I didn’t realize Charles Barkley was so flexible

Source: frupp110

#5. Not the right time to show off your beautiful leg, bro

Source: Latter_Note9948

#6. A dog lady and a giant

Source: IAmJenkings

#7. Woman with baby arm has to wear water wings in the pool

Source: LSP4Brad

#8. That look does go well with that outfit somehow

Source: Extension_Oven9035

#9. What is Former Prince Harris doing in the bathtub?

Source: cobbers83

#10. This mirrored tissue box in the hotel I am at…

Source: Emphaticligne

#11. Long dog

Source: D_Kye

#12. Something is missing

Source: glorious-DUCK

#13. Shadow cast by my light looks like the gingerbread man hanged himself

Source: ungualSomalia930

#14. Hmmmmmm

Source: soundglebe587

#15. Nighty night

Source: Frenchleneuf

#16. Cat? What cat?

Source: heretique_et_barbare

#17. Baby drowns in horrific aquarium accident

Source: Iggy82

#18. This guy was getting all holier than thou on us

Source: Phoenix00017



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