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20+ Cat Behaviors That Left Owners Wondering, “What’s Wrong With My Cat?” (New Pics)

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Even healthy, content cats have a tendency to be erratic and peculiar in many ways. Your pet cat may be chilling and purring on your lap one second, but it may be robbing your neighbors of their possessions the next.

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Don’t rely just on my word, though. These creatures can be incredibly unpredictable and adventurous, as evidenced by the entire subreddit dedicated to their shockingly humorous behavior.

What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” is the title. 583,000 people are part of the online community, and they frequently post clips of their pets’ “malfunctions.”

Don’t forget to watch the interview we did with cat expert Lucy Hoile, a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviorist (CCAB)! It can be found scattered among the images.

#1 Whenever We Turn A Fan Or Air Filter On Our Little Girl Goes And Sits Right In Front Of It And Makes Her ‘Fan Face’


#2 My Cat Staring At A Piece Of Rice


Whether we like it or not, our furry friends probably believe we’re just as odd as we make them out to be, according to cat behaviorist Lucy Hoile, who runs an outstanding Facebook page where she posts entertaining and educational cat-related information.

#3 Cosmo (Office Cat). Spent Days Only In The Sink. Took Him To The Vet. Vet Said He’s In The Sink Constantly “Because He’s A Cat”


#4 I Don’t Even Know What To Say


#5 My Cat Likes To Sleep In A Perfectly Straight Line


Some think that because cats evolved as solitary hunters with little need to detect social signs, particularly those for behavior modification, they are difficult to train and that this is what always separates humans and cats. Hoile disagrees with this assertion, believing that with a few extra factors, cats can be trained just as easily as dogs (or any other animal).

“With cats, training with incentives works best because they hardly ever do anything for free! Finding a reward that would be sufficiently motivating is difficult; it must be worthwhile! “She spoke up.

“Usually, smelly food—like tiny portions of chicken or tuna—works nicely. Training sessions should be brief because people tend to lose interest easily, and they should be broken up into manageable, little increments.”

#6 More Food !!!


#7 90 Degree Kitty


#8 Cat So Lazy A Spider Built A Web Between Her Ears


#9 If I Fits… Aw, S**ts


Additionally, keep in mind that every cat is unique. And we still don’t fully understand the reasons why. But we’re making progress! For instance, a recent study by scientists at Azabu University in Japan hypothesizes that the gut microbiomes of cats and chemicals like cortisol, oxytocin, and testosterone may be responsible for certain felines’ social behavior and others’ lack thereof.

15 shelter animals were divided into groups by the researchers, who then kept five random cats in three 13 by 25 foot rooms for two weeks. In addition to collecting urine and feces to measure the hormones and microbiological species present, they also employed video cameras to record the cats’ behavior during this time.

#10 He’s Just Standing There… Menacingly


#11 Every Single Day I Think I Can’t Possibly Get A Funnier Picture Of Her. Every Single Day She Proves Me Wrong


#12 Sometimes My Lips Get Stuck On My Teefs


#13 Not Only Did He Steal The Vet’s Chair, He Had To Make A Face As Well


They discovered that whereas cats with lower levels of cortisol and testosterone were more social, cats with greater concentrations of cortisol and testosterone exhibited fewer social behaviors such grooming, sharing food, or sniffing.

Additionally, cats with similar microbiomes interacted more frequently, while those with greater testosterone levels attempted to flee more frequently.

#14 He Threw His Socks On The Floor Again


#15 She’s A Scarf


#16 Am Cat. But Sometimes Wonder… Why Am Cat?


#17 Searched The Whole House For Her, Found This


Hikari Koyasu, lead author from Azabu University, told Inverse that because the cats’ ages and origins varied or were unknown, “we do not believe our conclusions to be applicable to all cat groups.”

Future studies should examine the effects of environmental changes and juvenile development on social behavior. Although the study found links between hormones and behaviors, a connection does not automatically imply a cause. The study’s authors emphasized that “more comprehensive information” may need to be provided by studies done over a longer time frame.

#18 I Feel Like I Interrupted Something


#19 No One Taught Her How To Use The Chair


#20 Instant Regret


#21 Chestnuts Roasting Over An Open Fire


However, occasionally your cat might actually have a problem. such as when it is extremely hot! We must therefore make every effort to keep them safe and provide a comfortable atmosphere all year long.

Cat behaviorist Lucy Hoile advised providing plenty of fresh water in numerous different ways to encourage drinking and keep them hydrated. Some people love flowing water, while others favor tall cups or shallow plates for drinking.

#22 Fred Having An Existential Crisis


#23 He Yells At Grass Before He Eats It


#24 GF’s Cat Is Having Some… Thoughts?



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