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I got freckle tattoos – People say that my freckle tattoos will make me “age like a tramp stamp.”

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After tattooing hundreds of freckles on her client’s face, a cosmetic tattoo artist sparked debate on the internet. One person said the freckles will make the person look old “like a tramp stamp.”

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Daisy Foxglore, an Australian tattoo artist, posted a video of a red-haired client with “heavy coverage” freckle tattoos all over her face.


She shows a clip of the client before the procedure and says, “This is the canvas I had to work with.” She has beautiful skin, but as you can see, freckles look great on her.

“She has a few freckles already there, and I used those as a starting place to draw these beautiful, thick freckles.


“Before we start working, I always show my customers the mapping to make sure they are happy, and I try to make the mapping as involved as possible. My customers can always choose where they want their freckles to be.”

When the tattoo was done, the artist said, “They do calm down a lot as they heal.” About half of the redness will go away; once the skin has healed, it won’t be red anymore.

“They do calm down a lot while getting better. About half of the redness will go away, and the skin won’t be red anymore once it’s fixed.”


Some people liked the result, but others didn’t. One person said the result looked like a “rash,” or even worse, “scabies.”

Many people with freckles didn’t understand why someone would get them tattooed on their faces. As one user said, “Not me hating my natural freckles for my whole life and then them being a trend.”

The Dermatology Clinic says that people all over the world are getting more and more tattoos of freckles on their faces.

“Freckle markers” are put on the skin using a digital, state-of-the-art handpiece to place freckle-colored pigments of different shapes and sizes.

However, many people who have tried the process are unhappy with the results because There is no promise that the ink will fade to look more natural.

In 2020, a video from TikTok showed a woman crying and saying, “I’m literally crying right now because they’re so ugly.”



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