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People Got Hilariously Bad Tattoos 56 Times And Didn’t Even Know It

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We’ve all felt regret at some time in our lives, and nothing stirs up regrets like a horrible tattoo. Yes, around 25% of people in the United States have a tattoo, and up to 50% of these previously proud human canvases may wish their amusing tattoo art erased.

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Most of us take a long time deciding on a design, talking with a tattoo artist, and deciding on the best location for our body art before having a tattoo. The majority of people go drunk, get a guitar string, and some fountain pen ink, and voila, they have a very awful tattoo.

There will never be a shortage of tattoo fails, nor will there be a shortage of individuals wanting to share their hideous tattoos, as far as we can tell. Bored Panda has compiled a new collection of awful tattoos that either didn’t turn out as expected or make you wonder what goes on in people’s heads. Scroll down to view some cautionary stories of the worst tattoos ever, ranging from terrible painters who didn’t quite hit it to odd aesthetic choices.

#1 This Guy Got A Sunglasses Tattoo On His Face

#2 This Guy’s Haircut

#3 Today I Learned That My Friend’s Chinese Tattoo Literally Means “Turkey Sandwich”

#4 For Real, Man?

#5 El Señor Nippleriño

#6 “It’s Is My Life” – Jon Bovi

#7 Roar

#8 This Tiger Though

#9 I’m Speechless

#10 Oh My God

#11 I Don’t Even Have The Words To Explain This

#12 This Tattoo Was Apparently Supposed To Be Of “Stars”

#13 Maximum Facepalm

#14 Third Into Fourth Always Gives Me Trouble

#15 Close, But Not Close Enough

#16 A Facebook Friend Wanted A Very Specific Tattoo, I Think The Artist Really Nailed It

#17 So My Buddy’s Step Sister Got A Tattoo Of Her Mother

#18 Some Guy Tried To Copy My Tattoo Artist’s Work – Tattooed A Nipple On His Arm

#19 The Girl With The Vegan Tattoo

#20 A Girl I Went To High School With Has This On Her Upper Thigh

#21 Getting A Tattoo Of Your Newborn

#22 Zipper Tattoo

#23 “Angel Wings”

#24 Instagram Find. I Never Laughed So Hard At A Tattoo

#25 Friend On Facebook Seems Proud Of This Gem

#26 Struck Gold On Facebook Today

#27 If Only Their Familey Had Warned Them

#28 The Best Photo He Could Find Of Him

#29 Spotted On The Chicago Subway. A Paw And Bow Tie, Or…

#30 But Why?

#31 Okay, Buddy, Okay

#32 Not-So-Magic Mike

#33  This Is An Abomination

#34 I Told Him Not To Do It, My Friend Got A Centipede Tattoo On The Face

#35 This Dope Tiger Face Tatt

#36 This Guy’s Haircut

#37 Dog Tits

#38 Turtle Head

#39 The Bananas Threw Me For A Loop

#40 Incredible Angelina’s Jolie Portrait

#41 My Poor Drunken Choice

#42 This Guy’s Argyle Sock Tattoo

#43 Not Sure If It’s Genius Or Just Horrible

#44 Impressive Dot Work, But Why?

#45 Happy Meal

#46 Dude Sure Loves His Turtle

#47 “Angel Wings”

#48 “My Own Design”

#49 Friend Bought A Tattoo Gun On Amazon For £100. Tattooed Darth Vader On Himself

#50 This “Artist’s” Work Comes Across My Facebook Feed Daily, Quite The Treasure Trove

#51 This Just Popped Up On Facebook

#52 Is It Just The Angle Or Does She Have A Pinocchio Arm?

#53 What A Cute Lil Sword

#54 ICP Face Make-Up Tattoo. 100% Real

#55 It Looks Like A Lawsuit

#56 Got This When I Was 16

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