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Photographer Brain Dowling travels the world with his unique picture project “Redhead Beauty”

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Even though Ireland & Scotland are well known for redheads, An American photographer Brian Dowling who now lives in Berlin (Germany) launches a photography project called “Redhead Beauty” & captured more than 130 redheads from 20 different countries.

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Red is the rarest hair color in the world & only 1% of the world population has red hairs. Actually, it’s a gene mutation called MC1R which caused such hair color. And also, this gene mutation affects one’s endurance to pain and sunlight. Further, when Redhead people get old their hair color turns into blonde or pure white instead of Gray.

Brain worked with his project for three summers to reveal the true beauty of red hairs & needed to help give out the stereotype mentality about red hairs. You can see those beautiful pictures of red hairs on Kickstarter.

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#1 An Early Morning With Alina From Kyiv, Ukraine

#2 Madeline From Washington State, USA

#3 Kirstie In The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe

#4 Carmen From Best, Netherlands

#5 Krissy From Stuttgart, Germany

#6 Alisha From Odesa, Ukraine In The Black Sea

#7 Ellie From London, England

#8 Elias In Belfast, Northern Ireland

#9 Maria From Moscow, Russia

#10 Gracie FromHowth, Ireland

#11 Alina From Odesa, Ukraine

#12 Aoife From Longford, Ireland

#13 Ruby From Essex, England

#14 ElainnaFrom Modesto, California

#15 Model NastyaPindeeva Overlooking The Black Sea In Ukraine

#16 Tara In Liverpool, England

#17 Beata Overlooking Downtown Warsaw

#18 Kim From Hamburg, Germany

#19 Masha Under The Trees In St Petersburg, Russia

#20 A Model In A Snowy Park In Munich, Germany

#21 Shannon From Sydney, Australia

#22 Natasha’s Freckles From London, Uk

#23 SopheeFrom California, USA

#24 Sophie FromStirling, England

#25 Daria From St. Petersberg, Russia

#26 Kirstie Overlooking The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe

#27 Italian Redhead Benedette Watching The Sunset In Sydney

#28 Vanessa From South Africa And Bridget From San Fransico, USA

#29 Judith From Breda, Netherlands

#30 Lisa From Vienna, Austria

#31 ThayanaFromApucarana, Brazil

#32 A Model Poses At The East Side Gallery In Berlin, Germany

#33 Jessica From London, England

#34 The Freckled Legs Of A Girl From Budapest

#35 Two Models From Melbourne, Australia

#36 IsmeeFrom Texel, Netherlands

#37 Laura From Virginia, Usa



  1. Beautiful girls. On a point of accuracy. Stirling is not in England it is in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 not the same thing at all.


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