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Photographer Uses Muscular Human Bodies to Create Stunning Landscapes

Carl Warner is a conceptual artist and photographer noted for his intricate foodscapes, in which he creates dream settings out of edible components. Warner, on the other hand, uses the human body to bring his imagined settings to life in another series. His Bodyscapes incorporate a variety of anatomical aspects to produce stunningly realistic landscape compositions.

Bodyscapes are a whole different beast from his foodscapes, which are meticulously prepared and organized in advance. While Warner is constantly thinking about the end outcome, working with the human body is a challenge that forces him to work quickly and see where the shoot takes him. Despite the fact that each bodyscape appears to be a jumble of many bodies entwined, Warner only works with one model to obtain the final appearance in each photograph. Everything is put together in post-production after capturing their bodies from various perspectives. The photographer made this choice on purpose.

“I know people would want for them to be produced with a variety of bodies,” Warner tells My Modern Met, “but doing so would mean having diverse skin tones, which would undermine the feeling of continuity within the environment.” “I also enjoy that it’s all produced by one person since it adds an element of alternate portraiture and creates a more personal connection with the subject.” I also don’t want the photographs to appear overly sexual, and I believe that combining bodies during the shooting stage might lead to this result. I’m more interested in the shape and structure that gives the body as the space in which we live a feeling of place.”

Warner injects a sense of humour into the work with titles like Valley of the Reclining Woman and The Cave of Abdo-men. At the same time, the piece has a genuine feeling of high art. Each photograph is an artistic pleasure because to Warner’s use of light and shadow, as well as his ability to properly arrange the figures.

Bodyscapes is a series that uses the human body to form surreal and stunning landscapes.

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