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Unbelievable carving designs in Avocados

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Food carving is always an alluring art, which gives an incredible appearance to the foods in addition to its taste. Today epicstotle is going to tell you about such an extremely talented carving artwork done with avocados.

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We all crave avocados as a healthy and delicious fruit. But Italian artist Daniele Barresi sees avocados as a great canvas for his artistic creations. He creates stunning as well as increate designs in avocados, inspired by nature, like birds and festoons. Although each design takes hours to complete, he enjoys every moment of his work. “As a saying in Italy, it doesn’t matter the time if you love the work. And I really love carving and it’s what makes my mind peaceful.” Daniele says.

His talent was appreciated with awards for years. He has won the WACS championship twice (2013 & 2014) for his incredible artwork and he was invited as a judge in 2015, in the same contest.

Though he became eminent for avocado engravings, he creates expert carvings with other fruits, vegetables, soaps, and even adhesives also.

Check his Instagram to see his expert carving skills further.

Italian artist Daniele Barresi brings on carving masterpieces with avocados.

His award-winning creations take hours to complete yet it’s such an alluring run for him

Many of his designs are inspired by nature.

Even though the brilliant carvings don’t last long, truly they deserve to place in a gallery

Fortunately, each carving ace is safe even as pictures.

…but each piece lives on through photographs.

87,000 followers on Instagram awaits to see his amazing creations

There’s no end to this food artist’s imagination.



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