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Verauko is a Polish artist who makes comics that are funny and tell the truth about life.

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Life will always be a puzzle. What gives? Because we can’t predict what will happen in our lives. It is full of surprises, but not all of them are great. As we get older, we realize more and more that reality isn’t what we expect it to be. Many people have grown up in a culture that is always making perfect models and dream lives, but the harsh truth is that our daydreams don’t always match up with the real world. Life is like that! Let’s face it.

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So, what can you expect from this article? Here is a summary of more than 20 comics by Verauko that may smack you with the sad truth about how things are. Maybe you’ll be in one of these funny pictures.

Natalia Trykowska is a Polish graphic designer and digital artist who lives and works in London, United Kingdom, and goes by the name “Verauko,” which is also her nickname. This girl is a rising star because she is smart and has her style. She is a successful author right now. Do you know what makes her so successful? It means getting better at art, coming up with more ideas, and using the power of social media. Instagram is one way that her comics got more attention. We’re not the only ones who like Verauko’s drawings, though. More than 62K people who follow her on Instagram do, too.

The hardest part of making art for Natalia and other artists is coming up with an idea. She has a good sense of what things will look like, which is a good thing. But if she has to think of a story, she can’t come up with anything. Because of this, most of her comics are about funny or awkward things that happen in her daily life. So, she draws things that happen in real life, and there are no limits on what she can draw. Also, Verauko is not like other artists. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, and her funny and detailed illustrations show her talent. So, reading her comics is a good idea.

Now, let these Verauko comics show you what life is like in the real world. They might show you a harsh truth, but they will make you laugh instead of cry. Enjoy looking at her cute and creative pictures below.

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