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12 Funny Pictures That Capture The Moments When Statues Drink Too Much

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Doctors frequently advise against consuming excessive amounts of alcohol since it may have a negative impact on both our physical and mental health. Undoubtedly, alcohol may momentarily improve or calm our mood, but after a while, drinking can make us feel sick and make us want to vomit. And occasionally it may lead to amusing and humiliating situations. When they drink too much, statues experience the same uncomfortable situations

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Twelve images that show statues drinking excessively have been gathered by us. Furthermore, you will regret not seeing these since they are so amusing. Scroll down for a moment and have a look at them for yourself right now. You’ll undoubtedly laugh so hard you’ll roll around on the ground. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family if you liked it.

#1. It’s like a morning with a hangover

Source: r2d2c3poacco

#2. This statue in Sweden has ice dripping in an interesting way

Source: GottlobFrege

#3. Too cold, so he diarrhea

Source: r2d2c3poacco

#4. The morning after the night before

Source: r2d2c3poacco

#5. When statues drink too much

Source: r2d2c3poacco

#6. When it’s cold, even the gargoyles want to return

Source: yamadieval

#7. Wait

Source: Man and Trace Ward

#8. Frozen water on a old gargoyle

Source: desktopnexus

#9. Aww

Source: yamadieval

#10. This one will ‘never drink again’…

Source: 41strange

#11. December’s big freeze in West Yorkshire

Source: news.bbc.co.uk

#12. Looks soo cool

Source: yamadieval


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