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14+ Pics Captured A Split Second Before Calamity Struck

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The luckiest photographer among all photographers may not have occurred to you previously, but that is likely the case. Even if one carried a camera wherever they went, it may take years before they produced a piece of art that would last a lifetime. Sometimes a lensman’s career can be saved by a single precisely timed moment. The outcome would never let us down, whether that situation called for taking or making a shot. In fact, there are occasions when unplanned elements simply end up in your picture and elevate it. We are providing the images that effectively captured the time just before the calamity hit that will make you chuckle to demonstrate what we are talking about.

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We’ve compiled a compilation of over 14 photos that were captured in the split second before amusing things went wrong. For a look at them, scroll down!

#1. Mid-air struggle behind the newly wed.

#2. “When my husband thought it was a good idea to pick me up while standing dangerously close to the creek after our wedding”

#3. “That one Christmas when a champagne cork hit me in the eye.”

#4. “My sister dropping me circa 1993”

#5. One, two, thr-

#6. Right before impact.

#7. Jenga time

#8. Parenting.jpg

#9. Perfect time for a hammer

#10. This dog surely loves her

#11. During a long plane ride you get thirsty.

#12. Grandpa is ice cold

#13. Smile!

#14. This dog trying to catch the ball

#15. You had one job

#16. “My friend mid fall on the skateboard”

#17. “I’d very much want to see the image required one second after the fact.”

#18. Woman dropping her cheesecake while posing for a picture

#19. Perfect header, such a skilled defender!

#20. Family photo



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