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15 Blatantly Brilliant Examples Of People Being Resourceful

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Though some of us over thinkers try to be ready for anything, the truth is, we never are. We can’t have all the knowledge and the right equipment when some need arrives, not always. However, it is possible to combine creativity with abstract thinking, a wide vision, useful talents, and most crucially, resourcefulness to learn how to use unconventional methods to develop a life hack.

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This seems impossible to many people and is difficult to imagine if you trained yourself to be normal. Look at these 15 blatantly brilliant examples of people being resourceful and maybe you’d have something in your sleeves the next time you are in need.

#1 This Is Probably Not Why Old ZAZ Tavria Had This Design. Well, If It Works, It Works!

Image source: HUMAN/ pikabu

#2 When Your Wisdom Is Stronger Than A Hydraulic Jack…

Image source: _Crowley/ reddit

#3 Gaming Chair “Next Gen.”

Image source: YoungBeef03/ reddit

#4 It Is A Problem Only Until You Think Out Of The Box.

Image source: tsmeagain/ reddit

#5 This Might Not Be The Prettiest, But It’s A Functional Switch Nevertheless.

Image source: pentarh/ reddit

#6 Windshield Wipers Of The Smart Generation.

Image source: rangerfelis/ reddit

#7 It Is All Fun And Games Until Someone Pulls The Door Hard Enough.

Image source: kill3rkirk/ reddit

#8 Phone Holder Mask.

Image source: psjala/ pikabu

#9 This Is Some Ingenious Handicraft.

Image source: Romario25/ pikabu

#10 A Train Track, Or Massage Bed? Works In Both Ways.

Image source: Archibaldo30/ pikabu

#11 The Emergency Carrier To The Rescue. When You Have To Go To The Vet But Without A Proper Carrier.

Image source: BC3472/ pikabu

#12 That Is How They Change Oil. Deal With It!

Image source: MorePainMoreGains/ reddit

#13 The Moral Of The Story – Use Whatever Works And Solve The Problem!

Image source: Cdumi49/ reddit

#14 When Both The Instructor And The Student Are Having The IQ To Understand A Joke.

Image source: musayev/ pikabu

#15 The Duct Tape Door Handle. You Can Solve ANYTHING With A Bunch Of Duct Tape. The Legend Has It.

Image source: callmecapone/ imgur



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