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15 Photos Of Everyday Objects Deciding To Trick Everyone Into Believing They Are Something Else

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You probably know nothing if you think you know everything. Ask Jon Snow. Even though we never think of it, nearly everything in our environment has a secret, and occasionally those secrets can be discovered, mostly by accident. It is very interesting when we find things that are attempting to pass for something else, acting as though they are having an identity crisis and don’t want to be themselves.

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We are aware that all of them are jokes and are merely coincidences, but still… Check out these 15 photos where everyday objects try to trick everyone into believing they are something else.

#1 The Creamy Kitten Who Came Out Of A Tube.

Image source: yum_disc/ reddit

#2 The Grinning Pumpkin. More Likely A Scary Pumpkin.

Image source: lokigivesmeloves/ reddit

#3 When Nature Itself Plays Tricks To Confuse Vegetarians With A Bird Looking Potato.

Image source: OnionComb/ reddit

#4 A Stone Looks Like An Alligator Head.

Image source: LightningMcCree8/ reddit

#5 What Is It? A Duck? A Goose? Swan? Or A Cucumber?

Image source: Cheesy_tomato/ reddit

#6 Think You Are Looking At A Piece Of Fish? Well, It’s Beets!

Image source: fallout114/ reddit

#7 A Moth That Looks Like A Miniature Fighter Jet. Maybe A Part Of The Insect Air Force?

Image source: Bri_Banana/ reddit

#8 This Chimney Design Resembles Two Hooded Men In A Castle In A Very Satisfying Way.

Image source: Sentient_oaktree/ reddit

#9 Who Else Has A ‘Grandmother Bellybutton’ With Them?

Image source: taykaybo/ reddit

#10 The Stone Potato! We Better Not Try To Eat This.

Image source: NightBoat86/ reddit

#11 Not Only Do Walls Have Ears But Also Trees In The Woods.

Image source: Proxima_Centauri_C/ reddit

#12 There ARE Spiders With Perfect Camouflage, But This Isn’t One Of Them.

Image source: wheresmy_vodka/ reddit

#13 The Passion Fruit Plant In The Cult HQ.

Image source: 8Hz/ reddit

#14 Kiwi Trying To Pick Up The Little Nugget.

Image source: crybz/ reddit

#15 The Coffee Drop That Very Much Looks Like Jupiter. You Just Have To Make It To The Milky Way Now.

Image source: caligarelinquo/ reddit



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