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16 Images That Show Women’s Intelligence Has No Boundaries

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Women look delicate, frail animals, yet they actually possess more strength than most men realize. They cleverly swindle men, take charge of the circumstance, and have the amazing talent of identifying the ideal camera angle in a matter of seconds. View these images to learn about some of the incredible superpowers of these females.

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#1 “The mother of my boyfriend proposed to me.”

© catherinelopez_ / twitter

#2 so difficult

© OMGItsBirdman / twitter

#3 “When I sneak out, I taught my brother how to construct a phony body.”

© jackiiiee11 / twitter

#4 As soon as you realize what true craftiness is:

© Vodkagat / reddit

#5 This woman was in the middle of a Walmart parking lot spray-painting her car black.

© ForSucksFake / reddit

#6 How females develop:

© STORM55487 / reddit

#7 When you tell your partner that you’ll only bring a few items to his house:

© HumanNutrStudent / reddit

#8 When you asked her what she wanted to order three times:

© Phade2Black_10 / twitter

#9 When your guy allows you to choose the desired slice:

© elenacresci / twitter

#10 “My partner has promised to do weekly inventory audits and has numbered my condoms.”

© Bannybear1 / reddit

#11 When you come up with the ideal justification for getting more sleep:

© notorious_VIG / reddit

#12 “My girlfriend shot this picture to show how old-man-like I look,”

© WatDuztheFoxSay / reddit

#13 When the truth surfaces while having your hair washed:

© An1onn / imgur

#14 abruptly friend-blocked

© its_2am / reddit

#15 This is something that all females do.

© An1onn / imgur

#16 To show that she is of legal drinking age, this teenager chooses to masquerade as an elderly woman.

© danielaameeg / twitter


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