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16 Times When Photo Editing Went Awry

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Social networking has grown to be a serious problem in today’s environment. People are now so bad at lying about every aspect of their lives and/or looks that simply looking at all these “beautiful individuals” causes them to feel depressed.

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Please don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with trying to alter your photos a bit to make them seem better, but these folks went completely over the top and went insane.

#1. I’m not sure if this was a face swap or if the guy just enjoys dressing femininely.

#2. Bro is so cool that time and space are warped around him.

#3. A lot of photoshop and a lot of cosmetics.

#4. She has to take classes, lol.

#5. Why do people act in this way? It appears to be absurd.

#6. Nothing to say about this.

#7. She has to be the missing Kardashian.

#8. Photoshop-edited before and after photos of a long night out.

#9. This unfortunate dude has blurry-face syndrome.

#10. If the Mannequin look was what you were trying for, congratulations, you succeeded.

#11. Both people could probably have a little photoshop work done to make it less visible.

#12. Are these the same person?

#13. Hey, this was a very good try overall.

#14. From ‘Real Doll” to “Aww Hell Naw!”

#15. I believe a professional created these.

#16. Dafuq?



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