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17 Head-Scratching Pics That Have Some Explaining To Do

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There are many surprises and coincidences in life, and some of them have been effectively documented and shared online. When we view those images, it appears as though our brains and eyes are engaged in a heated debate because we are unsure of what to believe. They can be so perplexing that they make us take a second look, yet sometimes even that is insufficient to understand what is happening. If you have any remaining doubts, continue reading to see if we are speaking the truth.

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#1. Mm lunchtime, wait…

Source: ConstantXFactor

#2. What’s the guy behind doing?

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#3. Hello microwave, is the food ready?

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#4. Nice dress

Source: pinterest

#5. Daddy’s long legs

Source: tuestcretin

#6. The Shining

Source: Jellied_toad

#7. Nice legs!

Source: EndersGame_Reviewer

#8. That baby’s legs have seen some sh*t in their short time

Source: Starr Munro

#9. Mr. No Head

Source: Thiago Augusto Sielski Marquardt

#10. This made sense until I looked harder

Source: Andrés Quino

#11. That took me longer than it should have

Source: Zach McCraw

#12. Subtle magic

Source: Daniel Cato

#13. “Took a silly selfie today and my husband butted in- it took him a minute to realize what was his finger and what was my nose!”

Source: Cecilia Shiner

#14. Christmas beer anyone?

Source: Cecilia Shiner

#15. Wait, what?

Source: Beth Jensen

#16. Hot summer

Source: Brina Koloini

#17. Hand sized man, or man sized hand?

Source: Brina Koloini



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