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18 Images With A Lot Of Stuff Going On

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As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Indeed. Some pictures may tell you more than one tale because they were taken at the perfect time. Sometimes it’s simple to speculate as to what occurred at the time, while other times it feels as like your head would blow up if you keep trying to figure it out. For instance, in the same image, a man was making a romantic proposal to his girlfriend among the commotion, another man was throwing something into the air, and some individuals were scurrying away. See? In only one picture, a lot of diverse things were seen.

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#1. Could be us

Source: Paolo Maria Franzo

#2. Dying swan…confused pigeon

Source: Stacey Ooms

#3. Explanation, please!

Source: Antti Sandborg

#4. In Florida

Source: Nick Bethea

#5. Seriously want to know the context

Source: Daniel Hebert

#6. My guess is this guy’s brain is fighting for it’s life

Source: Bradford Gauthier

#7. Are they putting him in or taking him out?

Source: Mariano Pascaretti

#8. The real criminal is the one that didn’t replace the toilet paper

Source: Colin Ŀong

#9. A skier rescuing a sheep

Source: Stefan Dennis

#10. Don’t hug me I’m scared

Source: Daniel Hebert

#11. Has its ups and downs

Source: Paolo Maria Franzoni

#12. The best one I’ve ever taken

Source: Carrie Elara Goodrich

#13. I need a backstory

Source: Crow Joe

#14. I want to say “photoshopped”, but I also want to believe

Source: Aleksander Olav Flanagan-Grimsrud

#15. The real artist

Source: Pablo López Muñoz

#16. Hmmmm

Source: Andrew Paskert

#17. Hello there!

Source: Szymon Truszkowski

#18. That GOAT parties hard

Source: Jeremy Craig




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