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18 Pictures of “Kids in Predicaments” That Will Have You Perplexed

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Children are very mischievous and curious about everything that happens to them. Because of this, they frequently move from one location to another in order to explore their surroundings and learn new things, which satisfies their desire for novel experiences. But more often than not, these little angels find themselves in absurd and hilarious predicaments that baffle even adults.

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Kids in Predicaments is a fantastic Facebook page that has compiled and shared all of the hilarious and absurd situations our little explorers have found themselves in. For instance, they tried to imitate the mannequin’s peculiar pose or they fell asleep in the middle of a group exercise session. For you, we’ve assembled a massive list of the funniest images. To view them and vote for your favorites,

#1. When you have another baby

#2. Yet another unrealistic beauty standard our kids feel the need to live up to

#3. Poor little kid

#4. The weak should fear the strong

#5. The sister/brother should be smokin

#6. This is what your tanning day looks like

#7. Exorcism?

#8. This would be me at yoga

#9. That’s why people want to have kids

#10. I believe i can fly ~ I believe i can touch the sky

#11. His brain is clearly entangled right now

#12. The cutest dinosaur!

#13. How to skim water with your body

#14. Acid bath?

#15. Oh wait……..

#16. I’d have kept it that way

#17. The weak should fear the strong

#18. Silence of the young lamb



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