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20 Strange & weird things that women used to do for beauty in the past

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Some people will do anything to be better than everyone else, and this is mostly a well-known secret. Everyone, especially women, has their idea of how they should look, and some try out-of-the-ordinary ways to get there. In any case, there were also “beauty insider facts” back in the old days. So, it would be fun to show you 20 strange beauty hack photos from the past. These might look like screen grabs from a bloody and violent movie.

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Look at all the display pictures, including everything from full-face veils to weird spot-removal gadgets.

#1. A full-face mask used by women in the 1920s to protect their skin while swimming.

#2. In France in the 1930s, a breast washer was.

#3. A woman getting her leg painted to look like she’s wearing stockings, 1926

#4. A beauty contest without faces was held in Cliftonville in 1936

#5. After sunbathing on Coney Island Beach in 1938, Gloria Rossi and Rita Perchetti try out the new portable bathhouses to get dressed.

#6. Foot binding: This was a Chinese custom in the 10th century

#7. Tapeworm diet, 1900s

#8. Eerie freckle removal contraptions. A device with a lot of parts was used. The eyes were covered with an airtight piece while the nostrils were filled. A unique tube was used to help the person breathe. 1930: Each sensitive part of the face was treated on its own.

#9. In 1964, people “ironed” their hair.

#10. people who wanted to win the Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant in Florida. 1930 They wore masks to hide the rest of their faces.

#11. An old hairstyle in Germany in 1929

#12. People who went to the beach wanted to wear these capes that wouldn’t get freckles to protect their skin from the sun. This was used before Sun-Screen came out in the middle of the 1940s. This garment also had sunglasses built in.

#13. Max Factor’s ice mask from 1931

#14. The bra that was used to make the bust bigger and stronger. These were made to shake while the women worked. Brussel, 1971

#15. Hair dryers on wheels, 1940s

#16. Customers in Croydon, London, in 1941, getting their legs painted at a particular store.

#17. In 1949, a woman tried to use a machine that sells tans.

#18. In 1930, a policeman in Hounslow, London, judged an ankle competition.

#19. In Japan, having black teeth was a sign of beauty from the 17th to the 19th centuries.

#20. A hair dryer from the 1920s



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