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20 Unfortunate People Who Will Never Experiment With Tattoos Again

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You may feel differently about tattoos and those who get them for themselves, but there is no getting around the fact that this is not makeup that can be off with soap and napkins quickly and painlessly. Without them, any error will grow into a little issue. Or a large one, but no such luck. The worst part is that it is very challenging to predict, so you have to respond after the fact. You need to carefully consider your tattoo artist in order to avoid what happened to the people in the gallery below.

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#01. Well, This Might Not Be The Worst Tattoo You’re Going To See.

Image source: ***cicle2332/ reddit

#02. It’s Either Genius Art Or Messed Up In A Really Bad Way.

Image source: Plastic_Case_574/ reddit

#03. “Well, This Clearly Didn’t Go How It Planned.”

Image source: greed210/ reddit

#04. That Is Not What It Is At All!

Image source: Dirac_comb/ reddit

#05. Seems Like Those Legs Are Supporting Some Weight.

Image source: Teabaggingcricket/ reddit

#06. There Is No Reason For A Wolf To Howl At A Cookie, Unless The Tattoo Guy Was Thinking Really Hard About Some Cookie Crisps.

Image source: momof2redheads/ reddit

#07. This Is Just A Sketch, Literally.

Image source: joshyperks/ reddit

#08. When A Laser Removal Costs Ten Times More Than The Tattoo Itself…

Image source: tay_tot/ reddit

#09. She Just Wanted Some Natural Looking Brownish-Tinted Artificial Freckles. Resulting In This Nightmare.

Image source: lumanous/ reddit

#10. The Drawing And The Painting Were Too Much For A Cheap Chinese Machine To Handle.

Image source: TheFatSlobWally570/ reddit

#11. Although The Implementation Is Depressing, The Idea Itself Is Quite Cute, Don’t You Think?

Image source: Grayson_Kinnie/ reddit

#12. We All Have Our Own Sins Of Youth. The Tattoo Itself Is Pretty Neat Anyway.

Image source: OGMudChicken/ reddit

#13. Well, You Can’t Say This Is A Complete Waste.

Image source: WardTips98/ reddit

#14. “I Love It In All Of Its Sucky Glory” – Owner Of The Tattoo.

Image source: HorribleHistorian/ reddit

#15. The Entire Drawing Isn’t That Great, But The Eye Had To Be Totally Covered In Bandages To Keep Sin Out.

Image source: crazyhawk44/ reddit

#16. Let This Be A Lesson To Those Who Believe Tattoo Artists When They Say “Yes, I Have Been Stuffing Tattoos For 20 Years!”

Image source: Msaunders82/ reddit

#17. The Shitty Stag Beetle Tattoo. Kinda Cute Though.

Image source: laceguts/ reddit

#18. How Infuriating It Is When You Choose The Wrong Artist Who Rushed Through Something Meaningful And Permanent With Such Disrespect And Attitude, Leaving You With His Picture And Not Yours!

Image source: Tokijlo/ reddit

#19. This Looks Like A Child’s Drawing.

Image source: mntalbreakdance/ reddit

#20. Which Was Supposed To Be Batman But With A Dia De Los Muertos Theme To It.

Image source: foreignpony/ reddit



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