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24+ People Who Surely Don’t Look In The Mirror While Drawing Eyebrows

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Is it challenging to draw eyebrows? Yes, for some people, it will be challenging since their brows are thin or virtually nonexistent. If you struggle to draw your eyebrows, you could watch internet tutorials or consult with beauty experts. And as you do this, make sure to glance in the mirror. Make careful to specifically seek others for their thoughts before wearing your final eyebrows because you won’t know if they are attractive or not.

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#1. The upside-down handlebar mustache eyebrows…

Source: tommyonepin

#2. I am in awe

Source: calinay

#3. Just gonna leave this here…

Source: smokeaboof

#4. Final boss

Source: nootarobot

#5. This lady in the background on CNN right now

Source: woke_brontosaurus

#6. Drawing angry eyebrows on a baby

Source: deepblueballz

#7. She did an eyebrow tutorial too

Source: linny93

#8. You could fit Texas between those brows

Source: throwmeawaybabee5

#9. Eyebrows “on fleek”

Source: WeakSauc3

#10. When you dont want to move yoir body to dance so you have your eyebrows do it for you

Source: kingdave18

#11. Saw this in the wild a few years back

Source: 20091990

#12. Drew eyebrows on my kid, but was not disappointed

Source: khyde

#13. Eyebrows

Source: [deleted]

#14. Goth Milhouse

Source: fatalfoxtrot

#15. This lady on locked up

Source: AmazingxDisgrace

#16. She looks like she’s about to eat that baby!

Source: schoolknurse

#17. Even Jesus can’t save those eyebrows

Source: Lilith_XIV

#18. The girl that used to bully me. I’d say karma did its job

Source: TangyTemper

#19. Everyone go home we have a winner

Source: [deleted]

#20. Spotted on Tinder

Source: [deleted]

#21. Russian politician. I’m speechless.. she’s had this ‘look’ for years

Source: camdentownlass

#22. This was my bully back in school. her ugly attitude matches her eyebrows

Source: feistyschnuu

#23. The daughter of a billionaire. More proof that money doesn’t fix everything

Source: socialpresence

#24. Butcher knives in the wild

Source: bubblebeegum

#25. What is not wrong in this pic?

Source: lmslt

#26. A lady my mum worked with, drew them every day

Source: webbywebbwebbs


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