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25 Interesting & Funny Things People Have Caught On The Subway

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In this post, we present 25 amusing and insightful observations made by metro riders. A subway is a wonderful location where all the rules of normality break down. If you come into someone who commutes daily by subway since they live in a large metropolis. If you’re lucky, you’ll notice that many of them are absurd but hysterically funny. And the trouble is wholly worthwhile.

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Scroll down and take in these images. All images have links that take you to the places where they were taken. Please feel free to check out more of these photographers’ work on their personal websites or in their collections.

#1 This guy has a turtle shell backpack

Image Source: HarryTOMalley

#2 Poor the guy on the right, he’s holding his breath, hoping they won’t notice him

Image Source: CopyX

#3 Just taking my bag for a walk

Image Source: LucasLarson

#4 A subway in Seoul had been converted into a grocery store

Image Source: The_Day_Man

#5 Be trendy

Image Source: omafist

#6 Perfect timing

Image Source: yumpop278

#7 And his name is John Cena


#8 Doggo: these seats are way too small. How’s a fella supposed to sit?

Image Source: liamrichards

#9 Someone’s enjoying their evening commute… or not

Image Source: afrowa

#10 He doesn’t sell weed, he just sells tropical plants

Image Source: zeaky888

#11 They haven’t drunk enough beer, so probably dehydrated

Image Source: cxrry

#12 It’s good that it isn’t an advertisement for hemorrhoids

Image Source: kappi8

#13 Tiered of flying from Brooklyn to the central park daily

Image Source: __instant.classic__

#14 More concerned about the guy on the bottom right tbh

Image Source: morgannelamorte

#15 Single Bald men conference

Image Source: harpoonstencil

#16 The lady is certainly amused

Image Source: carlfreis

#17 Just another day on the subway

Image Source: REDDIT

#18 Looks like Ted Mosby trying to be Tony Stark

Image Source: ericchavez13

#19 The new Marilyn Monroe

Image Source: Noerdy

#20 This knight probably just lost his horse to the enemy that day

Image Source: Scaulbylausis

#21 My lil man looked sad

Image Source: REDDIT

#22 It’s literally the last thing she would have thought she’d sit next to

Image Source: scuppaugzpropitiate

#23 I choose you Charmander, to protect my virginity

Image Source: ARILOTTER

#24 Ah, just a casual Friday really

Image Source: Imgur

#25 He must have had a crazy night

Image Source: Pinterest


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