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35+ Before and after pictures of the same girls that you won’t believe are the same

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If you frequently use Reddit, you are well aware of how bizarre some of its sub-Reddit areas are. One of the odd subreddits that is currently popular is operated by artist Melanie Wilson and called PrettyGirlsUglyFaces. In it, girls create the worst expressions they can and then share amusing “before and after” images of themselves in stances that look nice on Instagram.

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“This isn’t supposed to be a low self-esteem or body shaming exercise,” Melanie told us. “Rather, it’s meant to show women that we can all laugh it off no matter what.

Please scroll down to see the pictures that epicstotle put together of pretty girls making ugly faces, and don’t forget to share yours with us.

More Info & Images Credit – PrettyGirlsUglyFaces  (h/t)

#01. Checklist for a walk: Are your shoes comfortable? Check. Are you making Feminist Garb more powerful? Check. Is suitor Turning You Off? Check twice

#02. While Cosplaying Poison Ivy and After. You’re Welcome

#03. Before And After

#04. One of my favorite faces to make is this one.

#05. I’m a rugby player.

#06. I have no more shame to feel

#07. I have two extra modes, and both of them are extra

#08. My wife is a pro at making funny faces.

#09. If you ask, you will get

#10. I don’t know why I keep putting myself out there like this on the Internet, but people like it.

#11. “Clueless in the Streets and Robbie Rotten in the Sheets.”

#12. I’m keeping an eye on you.

#13. Dear Internet. I’ve given you the gift of my skills. You’re Welcome

#14. Your Facebook profile vs. the photos you’re tagged in

#15. When he asks for pictures after the shower

#16. My friend could have also made Pretty Girls with Ugly Faces.

#17. How cute! When are you due? I’m Not Pregnant; I’m Talented

#18. Sometimes, I look nice, but most of the time, I look like a hole with eyelashes.

#19. It’s so cool to be 30. I still dare anyone to make faces that are worse than mine.

#20. Poolside

#21. I’ll beat you all with my chin

#22. No, I didn’t get injections in my lips.

#23. Get a girl who can do all these things.

#24. I Melted

#25. Kawaii to Put It Out with Fire Quickly

#26. Do I have this right?

#27. Before And After

#28. Beautiful Girl, Ugly Face

#29. In a teen movie from the early 2000s, when the nerdy girl finally takes off her glasses

#30. You’re Welcome

#31. The Seahawks’ win makes me happy on both sides of my personality.

#32. Sometimes you feel beautiful, and sometimes you don’t.

#33. I like long walks, fuzzy animals, and bringing down the patriarchy with the power of my many chins.

#34. From Pretty Cute to Please Shoot

#35. Aunt Edna Puts on Her Glasses, Girl Next Door Takes Hers Off

#36. This is what happens when I’m alone for an hour

#37. If your body hurts, you’re doing it right.

#38. I Went Full Danny Devito: When I found out that I could force my whole neck, chin, and face up by filling up my inflatable neck brace to its fullest, I did a Danny Devito.

#39. Feeling Beautiful Today

#40. The only thing I need to find someone to date is someone who can make worse faces than me.

#41. The photos my husband asks for vs. the photos he gets

#42. How about this?

#43. As a photographer, I always try to get people’s real feelings on the film.

#44. My wife is both pretty and ugly

#45. Angles… Am I Right?



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