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This Dad Amusingly Recreates His Daughter’s Selfies And Gains More Followers Than She Does

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What would you do if you discovered that your adolescent daughter was sharing explicit selfies online? Most likely, you’d urge her to delete them, take away her phone after that, and possibly declare her to be grounded as a final step. We all know that some children may find this type of severe punishment to be a great motivator for defiance. Every parent has their own unique approach to raising their children, but Chris Burr Martin chose to fight fire with fire rather than urging his daughter to stop posting seductive selfies on Instagram. Or humorous selfies with raunchy selfies, to be specific.

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We recently wrote about the 48-year-old father of three who lives in Washington, demonstrating how he reproduces his daughter’s seductive pictures in an overtly dad-joking style to discipline her. He not only keeps posting the cheesy jokes, but he also amusingly embarrassed his daughter Cassie by surpassing 60k Instagram followers, which is nearly twice as many as she has! And we have to admit, he’s totally worth it. Check out Chris’ amazing parodies and cheesy jokes below and cast your vote for your favorites.

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