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Famous Female Bodybuilders Who Nullified Beauty Stereotypes

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“Bodybuilder girls” are most people imagine as a set of girls who don’t look like girls, girls who only wear voluminous, baggy clothing unquestionably have a male appearance, and they are unfamiliar with anything feminine.

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Our modern heroines, on the other hand, disprove these notions in every way imaginable. They dress up, and the muscles simply liven up the image. Read the article through and decide it for yourself.

#1 Yong Woo Zhi

Her fans call her “Barbie” despite her muscular body for her inner fragility and prettiness. She struggled with panic attacks and social anxiety in the past but without a solution. She only managed to handle that condition once she focused on bodybuilding. Yong Woo Zhi got into such attractive shape in a relatively very short period of time. By 2013 she was in such a physique where she was able to win European competition, which was a well-deserved achievement by the way.

#2 Angela Graham

Can you believe that this woman is 70 years old? She even has grandchildren who are already grown. How does the language even bend to call her ‘grandmother?’ She is in really good shape and strength and even well-known male bodybuilders look up to Angela as a role model. She has developed a fascination for bodybuilding since she was 20 years old. But surprisingly, up until a certain point, she had a good modeling career and was fairly skinny.

#3 Natalia Kuznetsova

And this Russian beauty, who after 12 years of diligent effort on herself, has achieved such remarkable achievements. In addition to holding the world deadlift, bench-press, armlifting records, Natalia is also a well-known blogger. Her viewers enjoy watching not only how she breaks records one after another and how fifteen records are broken in a minute, but also for a girl’s everyday struggles to take proper care of herself and to appear feminine.

#4 Peggy Gilbert

Another older bodybuilder who disproves all preconceptions about aging. She started practicing relatively late, around age 50, so it is difficult to believe she is 71 years old now. Just by looking at her, you can see that anyone can be a sports figure if you try harder and do it right at any age. And all of these are just empty excuses, such as “older folks have a slow metabolism.”

#5 Ekaterina Usmanova

Who would expect you to keep your perfect shape after you gave birth to a child? Yet, look at this girl who despite having just given birth, dazzles with her flawless physique. Her key to success is that self-discipline, to which she sticks severely. She worked pretty hard on herself and was able to quickly get back in shape after having a baby in a few months.



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