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Ge 30 People Who Had An Even Worse Day Than You (New Pics)

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You have days when you believe you are the happiest guy on the face of the earth. You could be thinking about how much worse things could get in the following days. God, bad luck, a curse, karma, the stars, or anything else might be blamed. Mistakes and failures happen all the time. It will be easier to deal with life’s lemons if you understand that this is how things work.

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Although it isn’t good to laugh at other people’s misfortunes, some people are willing to share their failures with the rest of us online. People submit amusing and not-so-amusing incidents on the “Well, that stinks” subredit to remind us that we’re not doing so bad today.

After you’ve finished reading this, go here and here to see some of our previous blogs about some of the worst failures people have had.

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#1 For nearly a year, I used an air purifier with the filter totally covered in plastic.

Image source: coloradopowpow

#2 When the plastic shattered, I was going at around 50 miles per hour.

Image source: GardenGnome25

#3 Do you ever catch yourself saying something sarcastic like “I’m allergic to work”? Apparently, I’m allergic to my own perspiration.

Image source: yamarho

#4 My Passport Was Eaten by My Puppy

Image source: reddit.com

#5 “It’s time to call it quits.” What Exactly Do Those Dots On My Wall Indicate? Oh. “Oh, no.”

Image source: captainbluebear25

#6 A Supra was just acquired by my next-door neighbor.

Image source: wykdtr0n

#7 This Dog Destroyed My Neighbor’s Food Delivery

Image source: Gumpyyy

#8 Someone parked their bike in the incorrect location.

Image source: Nordic_Plant_Lover

#9 I travelled three hours to get to the Grand Canyon.

Image source: Hey_Its_Me_23_

#10 I just checked out a pricey garment rental service. UPS tossed the clothing/bags shipment into my lawn. I have two pups.

Image source: Mckinzel

#11 When the road is trying to kill you

Image source: Marko_90

#12 Scaffolding smashes into Big Ben only days after the £80 million renovation was unveiled.

Image source: Godley2

#13 Be like paramedics. Nope

Image source: geoffshackelford.com

#14 A flood in NSW, Australia, has wrecked this poor woman’s home.

Image source: Sacktimus_Prime

#15 When the owner leaves his car running to defrost, a man takes it and wrecks it.

Image source: eReadingAuthor

#16 Working in a -10°C lab and having to wash my hands 40 times a day has its drawbacks.

Image source: sizzle-cream

#17 A Random Hoodlum Shot Up My Friend’s Apartment At 2 A.M

Image source: Zehaldrin

#18 Someone had a bad laundry day

Image source: Cannabace

#19 I returned home at 7 p.m. to discover all of my possessions in garbage bags after a difficult day at work without nourishment, during which I had to wait four hours for a sample that was subsequently canceled.

Image source: km1180

#20 When I first went to Australia, I was cautioned about the snakes and spiders. I’ll give you one bite of ant.

Image source: NefariousMuppet

#21 I was cleaning a filthy (and fairly pointy) pipe tip at work. It had slipped straight onto my finger before I could stop it.

Image source: abby_petty

#22 hy is my watch not working? Oh

Image source: darthtankerous

#23 What I asked for against what I got After spending $400, I feel like a fool.

Image source: Vegemiteonpikelets

#24 When the Boss Considers Himself a Comedian

Image source: orangebob999

#25 I entered my room to witness this as I was getting ready for bed.

Image source: Imterrifiedofsharks

#26 I’ve been searching for my glasses for the past three days. They had been found.

Image source: sh4ggyguy

#27 To be sure, I came dangerously close to falling into a sinkhole beneath my porch. I found myself on the edge of the abyss, my chest down, dangling beneath me.

Image source: Punk_Chachi

#28 My essay scored a zero because the reviewer felt I plagiarized from the internet. It turned out to be a copy of a post I’d written a few hours before.

Image source: DaniDan257

#29 Cute but enraged sea lions have blocked the only way back to my room.

Image source: NanoArowanaTank

#30 After yesterday night’s snowfall, we decided to check on our automobile.

Image source: justinmillerco


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