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People Refused To Obey The Law Of Logic 20 Times

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Everything in this world was made for a certain reason. Take, for example, people. For hundreds of millions of years, organisms on our planet existed without a reason or a question in their heads. Then humans arrived, asking questions and expecting answers. We came up with the concept of purpose and assigned various roles to various objects. As a consequence, when it comes to creating things, everything we come up with has a specific function.

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For example, we all know that a hole in the milk bottle is meant to put the straw, yet some people broke their own rule by tearing the mouth off the bottle and drinking milk from within. Another uses a coffee jar to hold tea and the other way around. These individuals have complicated things that were designed to make people’s life simpler. Check out the strange ideas they’ve come up with by scrolling down. Also, if you find this information useful, share it with your friends.

#1. I honestly have no idea why my mother has done this

#2. National Geographic magazine that warns about the danger of plastic bags comes inside a plastic bag that is inside a plastic bag

#3. This is my mother’s cutlery drawer

#4. The “not actual size” sample band-aid really is the actual size

#5. Some men just want to watch the world burn

#6. This is not a crime scene, but a hospital hallway…

#7. This engraver gets it

#8. Seems right

#9. Cafeteria won’t conform to the definition of the secret!

#10. The way they cut the carpet to make this door open instead of just cutting the door

#11. I’ll drink whatever I want

#12. The way my wife opens things

#13. I’m on my way

#14. Refuse to understand

#15. Opened the fridge and saw this

#16. Someone in my dorm gets it

#17. I am on your level

#18. Getting dark energy

#19. Fixed the clock, boss!

#20. Next level fashion



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