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Plus-Size Models Ask Photographer To Make Them Skinny, Reveal How Much Photoshop Can Change Your Body

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It’s difficult to distinguish between real and fake these days. The majority of the images we see on social media or in magazines have been somewhat edited using photo editing software, which has gradually warped our perception of reality itself and instilled in us unattainable standards of beauty. However, some people do not agree with this and want to let others see the truth.

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Together with seasoned photographer Karizza, two stunning plus-size models, Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe, demonstrated how the media goes beyond simple photo manipulation. Karizza took pictures of Diana and Callie and severely altered their body images in Photoshop.

Diana posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, “I have to say we look Amazing both ways. “The goal of this was to demonstrate to you all how magazines and the media elevate editing. The celebrities and models in those photoshopped images hardly even resemble themselves. It’s time to restore reality because the world we live in is so fake. Own your identity and kill it!

See the gorgeous women’s before and after photos below, and let us know what you think.

h/t: boredpanda.com

These two stunning women, Diana on the right and Callie on the left, chose to demonstrate how magazines and the media take editing to a new level.

To demonstrate how much can be changed using computer software, they asked a professional photographer to use Photoshop on their bodies.

The original image encouraging people to “Own who you are and slay” was displayed in the same post.

These women had previously disseminated the message of body positivity.

Diana posted a picture of her body next to Kim Kardashian’s last month along with the caption, “We are both women with different bodies.”

Everyone can support these girls’ primary message, which is that everyone should love themselves.



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