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So many wild guests at her open water resort

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Water is the lifeblood for every living being. So if one can provide that lifeblood for ones who need it, it’s lifetime merit. Here we brought a story of such a nice soul who found her joy while doing a good job.

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She is Jennifer George, who lives in a country area of San Diego County. In the summer of 2019, she noticed that some animals wandering around her yard. So she guessed that they might be looking for water as California’s summer is really too hot. So she decided to keep a bowl of water in a corner of her yard and later upgraded it to a little water fountain.


Good deeds should be always appreciated no matter big or small, but actually, It’s not just because we are writing this article, there’s another wonderful thing that goes along with this.



As she was really curious whether her water supply worth as she thought, she set a camera outside the fountain to catch what’s really going on.



When she got the footage she was surprised and really satisfied with her idea. Cause this charity service seems to help so many wild folks including birds and snakes to keep up their lives under the scorching sun more than she imagined.



“At first birds started coming and now a lot of animals like coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, various kinds of birds and sometimes even snakes comes during the day and at night nocturnal animals like raccoons, bobcats, skunks, and opossums visit here daily for water. I’m excited to check the camera footages every morning to know who showed up.  Sometimes I have caught on animals I have never seen before like long-tailed weasels & western tanger through the camera. I love to see coyote puppies and road runners” she shares her pleasure.




She’s a perfect example of it, it doesn’t always need money bags to help others. Sometimes your little favor will be life support for someone.























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