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Steve demonstrates that 60 is not an old age for change

We feel like life is over when we consider getting older. However, if we are mistaken—thank goodness—you can still significantly improve your life.

The 60-year-old Wakefield, England resident Steve Ramsden is a prime example of a person who modified his lifestyle and stopped consuming fast food and takeout. He has developed a bodybuilder-like appearance and is preparing to participate in bodybuilding competitions.

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A 60-year-old Englishman named Steve Ramsden resides in Wakefield.


It is never too late to start a weight loss program, and people over 50 can do it by making lifestyle changes. Steve, on the other hand, needed to gain muscle in addition to losing weight.

Steve made the decision to alter his lifestyle and stop consuming fast food and takeout.


We were unaware of Steve’s motivation for altering his way of life. He claimed, “Moving a patient at work hurt my back, and I couldn’t tie my shoes without running out of breath.”

Also mentioned was what gave him the most trouble every day. I had to wear clothes that were too large to cover my midriff.


In just ten months, he lost over 60 lbs.


We enquired as to how long it took him to arrive at his destination. I lost more than 60 pounds in ten months, he claimed.

He had lost a lot of weight, and we were concerned for his health. The doctors gave me normal readings, Steve said. I no longer have high cholesterol or borderline diabetes. My blood pressure was typical. My entire family is with me.


Not only does he look different, but he also feels better.


He adds that he is healthier and feels better about himself.

“It feels much better in my body. I was given clothes that fit my body properly. I now feel confident when I leave the house. When I’m out in public, I have more energy and feel less stressed.”


Steve said, “I’m happy with my body right now.”


We questioned Steve, who had previously shed weight, for advice on how to change if you don’t like your appearance but lack the drive to do so.

“Start by going for a walk, tossing out your takeout menus, and consuming as little bread and alcohol as you can. Then, you can move forward. A significant difference will be apparent after the first month.”


Steve wants to enter bodybuilding competitions with his son Danbo these days.


Steve isn’t sure if he should continue because his body now looks so amazing.

I’m happy with my body right now, but my son Danbo and I want to compete in bodybuilding events the following year.

Giving up something you enjoy is even harder to do than breaking bad habits. What about Steve’s former life does he now miss? we questioned. The only thing he missed was fresh cream cakes.


Steve shows that 60 is not too old to make a change.


And now just a friendly reminder for everyone: “Even though people claim they don’t have time, they typically watch TV for more than two hours each night. Spend the first 30 minutes doing some cardio. These minor adjustments will have a profound impact.”



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