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Strangely Terrifying: 16 Images That Will Give You The Goosebumps (New Pics)

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Welcome to the ‘Oddly Terrifying’ section of Reddit, where you may experience some tingling feelings. How? The title is self-explanatory. People in this 2 million-strong group share the strangest, creepiest, and most unnerving photos of odd items, ranging from natural phenomena to computer-generated pictures.

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The whole point of strangely horrifying photos is their paradox: they’re terrifying, yet they’re also difficult to look away from. The images engross you like a horror film you never signed up for but yet watch till the end with your palms covering the screen. You look once, twice, and think to yourself, “This is enough for me today,” only to realize you want to see more. After all, we all need a break from time to time.

#1 Corn Maze

#2 Best Cinema Ever

#3 War Changes You

#4 This Is True Fear

#5 This Extremely Disturbing Face Swap

#6 This Statue With A Beehive For A Head

#7 Biblically Accurate Angel

#8 I’m So Disturbed Yet Also Intrigued

#9 Mahatma Gandhi’s Statue After Some Prankster Added Red Lights To The Eyes Of It (San Francisco, 2019)

#10 The Black Crack, A 65-Foot-Deep Fissure Along A Trail In Canyonlands National Park In Utah

#11 This Abandoned Hospital Had A Visitor Last Night

#12 Amazing Halloween Costume

#13 This Is What Running Birds Look Like

#14 Sears Tower During A Blackout

#15 280 Million Year Old Fossil Found In Western Australia, Photo By Tom Kapitany

#16 A British Tourist Filmed A ‘Monitor Lizard’ Coming Out From His/Her Toilet Bowl In Thailand



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