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This Adorable Baby Zebra Was Born With Spots Instead Of Stripes

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We’re in love, so call the doctor. What’s even more relaxed than a horse? An animal. What’s cuter than a zebra? A zebra cub. What’s even more attractive? A baby zebra that doesn’t have stripes but has spots!

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People worldwide are crazy about sighting a very rare polka dot baby zebra in Kenya. The cute animal has already won many hearts, including ours, and pictures of it have gone viral. Also, the age-old question of whether zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes might finally be answered.

Photographers in Kenya got pictures of a cute polka-dot zebra.


This strange zebra was seen in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve. Photographers Rahul Sachdev and Antony Tira, a tour guide, took pictures of it.

A wildlife expert from the Matira Bush Camp named Parmale Lemein told the Daily Nation that this was the first time a polka dot zebra had been seen in this way at the Mara Reserve. It’s most likely that the baby zebra has melanism, which is not light skin. But he had some bad news: no similar zebras have lived in African parks for six months with the same problem.

Pictures of the baby zebra became popular on the internet.


Some experts say that zebra stripes appear when melanin production is stopped. This means the animal is probably black with white stripes, not vice versa.

The stripes on a zebra are for more than looks. Live Science says they help the animals stay cool in the hot African weather. Some people also think that zebra stripes help them hide from possible attackers and keep them from getting bitten by flies that can spread disease.


What do you think of the zebra with the pink dots? Is it true that zebras are black with white stripes, or do you think they are white with black stripes? Write your answer in the box below.



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