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Winners of the BIFA photography awards in 2021. What is your all-time favorite?

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The BIFA – Budapest International Foto Awards is one of the most prestigious forums for photographers of all levels to gain international recognition. The winners not only receive financial prizes and international exposure, but they also have the opportunity to showcase their talent and viewpoint on the world via the lens of the camera. The following are some of the finest BIFA victories in 2021. Look through the photos and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments area.

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#1 Second Place In Fine Art – The Family’s Persistence

Image source: budapestfotoawards

Diana Cheren Nygren’s photograph blends history and present with emotional need.

Photograph: Diana Cheren Nygren

#2 Second Place In Book Category – A Blackened Eye

Image source: budapestfotoawards

It’s part of a series called Growing Up Traveling. The lives of traveling Irish youngsters are captured in this series. Jamie Johnson is the series’ artist.

Photograph: Jamie Johnson

#3 First In The Category Of Architecture – Cocoons From Concrete And Steel

Image source: budapestfotoawards

Gino Ricardo’s Concrete And Steel series depicts many shapes, textures, and forms of European structures.

Photograph: Gino Ricardo

#4 Second In Advertising – Drying Of Persimmons

Image source: budapestfotoawards

Artist Yu-Ling Ho brilliantly portrays women’s resilience and hard work during the fall harvest of persimmons.

Photograph: Yu Ling Ho

#5 Golden Award In Political / Editorial – Tears For George Floyd

Image source: budapestfotoawards

This photograph depicts Hermela Bealfan, a US citizen, as she remains on the floor for the whole 8 minutes and 46 seconds, signifying the time it took a police officer to kill George Floyd during a Black Lives Matter protest. Brian Cassey arrived just in time to get the greatest photo of the whole thing.

Photograph: Brian Cassey

#6 Silver Award In Professional News / Editorial – Tartan Army

Image source: budapestfotoawards

Photographer Jeff Gilbert submitted this image of inebriated Scotland football supporters enjoying the upcoming Euro 2020 in Leicester Square, London.

Photograph: Jeff Gilbert

#7 Pasola A Sambanese Sport- First Place In Events

Image source: budapestfotoawards

In 2020, the Pasola gaming event in Indonesia was photographed by Wolfgang Weinhardt. Every rainy season, Zambians celebrate their rice planting with a horseback spear war.

Photograph: Wolfgang Weinhardt

#8 The Forest Fire – Golden Award In General News / Editorials

Image source: budapestfotoawards

A automobile with a small child inside is parked near to a big wildfire. On September 7th, 2020, Nuno André took this shot in northern Portugal.

Photograph: Nuno André

#9 First Place In Book And Best New Talent – I Was My Husband

Image source: budapestfotoawards

After their spouses die, widowed Indian women lose their social rights. Photographer Valter Darbe caught their suffering.

Photograph: Valter Darbe

#10 Cries Of Migrant Girls – First Place In Editorial

On February 3rd, 2020, this image recorded skirmishes between riot police and Mória refugees in Greece. Two little refugee girls, caught in the middle of a conflict, are mourning. This photograph belongs to Ivan Romano.

Photograph: Ivan Romano

#11 Second Place In Editorial – Hope, And Leprosy

Image source: budapestfotoawards

Gabriel is a 75-year-old leprosy sufferer living in a Congolese leprosy colony. He’s been here for more than two decades and is still praying for a miracle. Emese Balazs – Fülöp – Emese Balazs – Fülöp – Emese Balazs – Fülöp

Photograph: Emese Balázs-Fülöp

#12 Second Place In Science Category – Universe During Pandemic

Image source: budapestfotoawards

During the Covid 19 epidemic, Zixiong Jin photographed these photographs over several nights until he acquired The ideal photo sequence of galaxies and nebulas.

#13 First Award In Professional Portfolio – My Mother

Image source: budapestfotoawards

During the Covid 19 outbreak, Angelika Kollin captured a series of photos of mothers and daughters bonding more intimately.

Photograph: Angelika Kollin

#14 Professional / Nature – First Place – Fire Born

Image source: budapestfotoawards

During his journey to the volcanic area of southwest Iceland – Fagradalsfjall – Filip Hrebenda photographed volcanoes and lava fields.

Photograph: Filip Hrebenda

#15 First In Fine Art – Stilled Time

Image source: budapestfotoawards

During the covid shutdown in London in 2020, traveling photographer Margarita Mavromichalis turned her camera on herself. She was able to express her emotions, concerns, hopes, and worries.

Photograph: Margarita Mavromichalis

#16 Tundra People – First In People Category

Image source: budapestfotoawards

These are indigenous people who live in Russia’s furthest reaches, amid sub-zero temperatures. This award-winning shot was taken by Yulia.

Photograph: Yulia

#17 Second Place In People Category – Conversation Changer

Image source: budapestfotoawards

The creator of this series, Sujata Setia, intended to convince the world that beauty exists beyond appearances, and she succeeded.

Photograph: Sujata Setia

#18 Golden Awards In Environmental Category – The Unyielding Floods

Image source: budapestfotoawards

In south Sudan, Peter Caton examines the destruction wrought by massive floods. It causes food insecurity and jeopardizes healthy lifestyles.

Photograph: Peter Caton

#19 Best Photographer Of The Year Award – Our Past

Image source: budapestfotoawards

This picture series, which received Svetlana Melik the Best Photographer Award at BIFA 2021, depicts the Soviet Union’s history.

Photograph: Svetlana Melik-Nubarova

#20 Silver Award In Nature Category – The Ocean As A Canvas

Image source: budapestfotoawards

The splendor of the trees drowned in Lake Shusenko was captured by Hirotaka Shinde.

Photograph: Hirotaka Shindo




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