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12 Pictures Of Dad’s Labor Room Reactions That Are Hilarious

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Nothing compares to the joy of a parent welcoming their child into the world. During childbirth, moms must suffer excruciating agony, while dads’ hearts beat. But it’s all worth it when parents hear their baby’s first scream. The new parent tears with joy and tenderly holds their newborn sweetie in their arms. That intense, emotional sensation can’t be expressed in a few words.

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During mothers are always aware while giving birth, fathers are not. They have some quite dramatic reactions, which may be quite amusing at times. It’s because they’re nervous or thrilled. Keep opening their eyes wide as if they don’t know who they are or where they are, cry uncontrollably, or pass out — any of these events might occur. Actually, the paramedics in the delivery room saw and record all of these great, amusing moments. Continue scrolling to see them all!

#1 “Who I am and where I stay?”

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#2 Men always say they’re strong, huh?

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#3 Man said: “what is this?”

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#4 “Congratulations!! You have a beautiful girl and three broken fingers”.

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#5 Two children to take care of, LOL

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#6 Think of a caption for this pic, LOL

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#7 Husban made a Tiktok of himself dancing while his wife was in labor

Source: krysandkareem

#8 It tugs my heartstring but still make me laugh out loud

Source: hunterzayy

#9 Its a real human being, right?

Source: Unknown

#10 Its a real human being, right?

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#11 Just spice up the air!

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#12 It’s the perfect time for filter

Source: Ladelawhy

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