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15 Stock Photos That Are Completely Useless and Ridiculous

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There are a ton of useless, bizarre stock photographs that make you question who the hell would buy them and why they were even created.

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Stock photo websites, for instance, are a good idea if you’re looking for truly fantastic images that you may utilize for your marketing needs. There are a lot of talented designers out there making stock photos so they can get paid for each download. On the other hand, there are also a lot of strange and spooky images that make you question why they were ever created and who the hell would buy them.

Due to this, this post will select a selection of some of the most absurd and useless stock photographs, which may make you shudder and want to hide or flee. For a look at them, scroll down. Don’t forget to vote up the one you believe is the least useful. Don’t hesitate to share this content with your friends if you find it humorous as well.

#1. “You are the apple of my eye”

#2. Suicidal photographer

#3. Businessmen looking at a computer

#4. Scared Young Man Holding Grenade

#5. A leg man

#6. Granny gone wild

#7. Silence is golden

#8. Such a deep message

#9. Keeping workers fresh is a dying art form

#10. Just say no

#11. Safety first

#12. Man punches a four-legged flaming man from behind while he runs and uses a laptop

#13. Your not-so-average kid…

#14. Pregnancy?

#15. Instructions unclear



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