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18 Times Cool Tattoos Go Wrong, And It’s Hilarious!

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Some people enjoy tattoos because they help them remember their loved ones, remind them of a significant life event, or just make them appear more gorgeous. However, it is recommended that you think carefully before opting to place this ink on your body because it lasts forever and tattoos don’t always seem as cool as they appear to be.

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A failed tattoo can be caused by a variety of circumstances. People don’t always care whether they go to a competent tattoo artist or not. And sometimes people get pretty strange tattoos. Here are twenty folks who expected to acquire fantastic tattoos but were ultimately disappointed. Some of the tattoos are unusual, but others are so amusing that they will make you laugh. Scroll down to see the photographs and make sure you never make the same mistake again in your life.

#1 I believe your son can draw better.

#2 He’ll never forget what he ate that day.

#3 HAHA I wasn’t referring to the fried chicken wings.

#4 Who came up with this idea?

#5 Hmmm

#6 I apologize for laughing so hard.


#8 A constant reminder of an ordinary joke

#9 Are you an avid chess player?

#10 Incredible Angelina Jolie portrait!

#11 Hopefully, it’s possible to cover this up

#12 Well done, both of you! The lord and the woman both

#13 Someone, call Brenda pleaseee

#14 It’s not a good idea to put the tattoo here.

#15 “Hey girl, I heard you like bad tattoos?”

#16 Why does Miley Cyrus look like Justin Beiber?

#17 You don’t have to put them on!

#18 “One of our friends got a new Arnold Schwarzenegger tattoo.I told him I think it looks like Neil Patrick Harris in a vest”



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