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20 of the most absurd eyebrows ever seen by humans

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It’s reasonable to argue that one of the most distinctive facial characteristics is the brow. Your face might seem more beautiful if you have lovely eyebrows. Some people feel there is no need in worrying about their eyebrows even if they think their look is fine. Obviously, not everyone is born with perfectly arched brows, but cosmetics is available. We have choices for our brows. However, some people seek out extraordinary brows in unconventional means. Furthermore, they don’t actually have attractive appearance.

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The collection of terrible eyebrows that prompt others to question these women’s aesthetic sensibilities is shown below. Do they simply not realize how absurd these brows are, or are they merely thinking outside the box? Whatever the case, viewing the pictures is probably going to make you laugh out loud. For a look at them, scroll down.

#1 Even though sometimes simplicity is best, this…

#2 These look like tiny sperms

#3 I just can’t…

#4 She messed up her brows

#5 Makeup fail

#6 She must really cherish nature, then.

#7 Lol

#8 Ewww

#9 Cat lady

#10 Two straight lines are enough

#11 That’s not cool, girl. Seriously

#12 Why?

#13 What was she trying to do?

#14 I’m scared

#15 At least these are not creepy

#16 I have no words

#17 Perhaps that’s the best she can manage.

#18 What’s that?

#19 Why must they be so tall?

#20 No. Just no



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