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16 Hilarious Images Explain Why Children Shouldn’t Be Left Alone With Their Fathers

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Our fathers serve as our first teachers. Dads taught us everything about this wonderful world, from how to fix a tire on a bicycle to how to be good, content citizens, and everything in between. They also always provide the kids with a supportive hand to hug and a strong shoulder to weep on.

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Dads, however, never cease to amaze us with their sense of humor, even when we believe we know them well. They are in fact intricate and multifaceted. They present themselves as the world’s greatest parents before revealing their true colors five seconds later. There will always be a “Ugh, dad!” answer. After all, dads are undoubtedly the best at making jokes, especially when they are responsible for their children alone and unable to ask the women for assistance.

We guarantee that these jokes will make you feel good as you think back on your youth. Not only are they humorous enough to be photographed and circulated, they will also undoubtedly make people laugh. The future? Put your old man’s face on the finest dad-being-dad moments of all time with these so-bad-they’re-good moments!

#1 Dad is washing him, at least.

#2 Both Kiwis! Keep some for me!

#3 That baby is so macho, dude.

#4 Whatever works…

#5 While he’s about it, he need to polish his tummy!

#6 My husband may have overdone it today by dressing our son like an old man for school.

#7 Fail? Dedication win!

#8 I Left My Husband With The Baby For Ten Minutes

#9 My three-day-old daughter’s only way to sleep. I was hungry after two hours of carrying her around.

#10 My Son Was Joe Rogan For His First Halloween

#11 This is how I intend to spend Father’s Day.

#12 I Asked My Brother How My Niece Was Doing And He Sent Me This. I Don’t Think He’s Taking Fatherhood Seriously

#13 You Can Tell Me I’m A Bad Dad But This One Is Staying In The Baby Album

#14 Are We Bad Parents?

#15 Mom stated that the children must remain in bed.

#16 Swaddle Level 2.0



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