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Amazing Disney Princess Illustrations of Pregnancy Created by Artist

One of the most lovely experiences a couple can have is being pregnant. That holds true for both moms and fathers, and it’s such a distinctive and uncommon kind of love that it may strengthen bonds between partners.

Making a new life may be strange, terrifying, and exhilarating all at once, and it will instantly affect your life. Freelance digital artist Anna Belenkiy is also known as annabell illustration on Instagram. For the first time in her life, Anna recently became pregnant, and she chronicled the process with the aid of our favorite Disney princesses. The Disney fandom has embraced these images from her “Real-life Princesses” project quite positively.

To view her breathtaking and profound artwork, scroll down! Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area.

#1 The moment you learn you’re pregnant marks the beginning of everything.

Source: Anna Belenkiy

#2 Give up your beloved jeans.

Source: Anna Belenkiy

#3 An emotional father’s moment

Source: Anna Belenkiy

#4 It’s a heavenly feeling to feel the baby move.

Source: Anna Belenkiy

#5 You consume twice as much as normal and are constantly hungry.

Source: Anna Belenkiy

because you must eat to nourish the baby inside of you as well!

#6 You get vomiting fits as a result of morning sickness.

Source: Anna Belenkiy

#7 They claim it’s pregnancy glow.

Source: Anna Belenkiy

#8 Unstable mood

Source: Anna Belenkiy

#9 Reality stinks

Source: Anna Belenkiy

Let’s face it: the kid in the womb must have pushed or squeezed something, and this turns moms into gigantic air balloons! What’s worse? They can’t control it,  which means they can fart anytime, anywhere.



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