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23 Inexcusably Awful Tattoos That Should Be Shamed Forever

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It may be a thrilling experience to get a tattoo. You may have spent weeks, months, or even years planning what will be inked on your flesh, and when the time comes to visit the tattoo artist, you may be overcome with excitement. Certainly, it is worth waiting for and looking forward to having something exceptional become a permanent part of you. Your little artwork, however, does not have a happy conclusion as other novels do. And for you to see, we have samples below.

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#1. That’s quite an impressive tummy you have there

Source: Berlin Rodriguez

#2. He ate a pinecone?

Source: Group member

#3. This is so bad that it’s good

Source: Group member

#4. Where are her shoulders?

Source: Daniel Taylor

#5. That’s one thick mushroom

Source: Jaclyn Kuzma

#6. Something between a dog and a ghost

Source: Group member

#7. Giddy up

Source: Kelly Sue

#8. Hmmm

Source: Group member

#9. Whoop whoop

Source: Group member

#10. King Julian’s got an alternate

Source: Payton Cooper

#11. Looks like he’s sticking his tongue out

Source: RB May

#12. Baaaaaad cover up!!

Source: Alicia Witcraft

#13. Scary af

Source: Cara Puckett

#14. Even the tattoo looks disappointed

Source: Alyssa Rose Nye

#15. A flying baby with a sack over its head

Source: Group member

#16. Even she’s shocked how bad this is

Source: Steve Moreland

#17. Sushi? Heart? Whatever

Source: Group member

#18. Socks forever

Source: Group member

#19. Those feet

Source: Group member

#20. Have it fixed, please!

Source: Salem Mitchell

#21. Kinda cute but nah

Source: 海里 キャンプ

#22. My boyfriend’s tattoo on his chest that I get to look at every day

Source: Sydney Vallon

#23. Like the pun but damn

Source: Group member


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