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25+ Times People Pose With Statues, And The Images Are Cleverly Funny

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If your imagination is strong enough, sculptures will appear to be quite animated. People Taking Funny Photos of Themself Posing With Statues

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We frequently snap pictures of our loved ones, our pets, and other living things since we may pose whatever we like. At the very least, we’ll take a picture of a picturesque landscape or a sandy beach to give our pictures a lively appearance. However, a lot of people choose to use unique items for other purposes. examples include statues.

You could imagine that photographing sculptures will be quite dull because they are so impassive, hard, and serious. However, the outcomes will undoubtedly cause your eyes to widen. The individuals on the list we’ve compiled below are incredibly inventive when thinking of humorous poses for photos next to the sculptures. They demonstrate that these sculptures can appear to be alive if your imagination is strong enough, and that you need to view them from various angles.

#1. Someone saw it

#2. All the single ladies

#3. This one is just brilliant!

#4. Wheeee

#5. Commitment to the photo!

#6. Yeah yeah that’s right

#7. Ha ha ha

#8. Now I got you, spidey

#9. Let’s dance

#10. What a drag

#11. Her facial expression is adorable

#12. Lemme explain…

#13. Maybe he’s showing him cat pics

#14. His face, lol

#15. Hope it won’t break

#16. Kung-fu fighting!

#17. Bear yells, “What did I do!”

#18. That must hurt

#19. Don’t forget to shave your armpits

#20. Facial reaction on point

#21. Divorced parents, for sure

#22. Well done, guys

#23. Good hit

#24. Oops

#25. Very clever

#26. This is what happens now if you don’t stay home

#27. It fits perfectly in his hand

#28. Ouchhh



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