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30 Hilarious Photos That Demonstrate How Dangerous the World Outside The Blanket Is

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What do you have planned for the weekend? Do you prefer to sleep or hang out with your friends? Enjoy your tranquility and wonderful dream if you select the former. But if you choose the latter and are prepared to face the storms that rage beyond your blanket, I wish you luck from all the angels on the planet. Let us now visualize!! A dog once peed on your new outfit while you were shooting a picture. Another time, you’re forced to wear a filthy outfit after a stranger throws a ball at you. Have you ever had a bad day when all of your fortunate angels disappeared? Congratulations if you’ve already done so; this post is for you.

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We’ve compiled 30 photos showing individuals remaining calm in the face of impending storms. Scroll down to view them all and vote up the ones you think are the most remarkable. After that, don’t forget to let me know if you want to go out or not. Whatever. Have a wonderful weekend. God’s blessings!!

#1. Thor and the hammer of justice

#2. Have your own beer shower

#3. Enjoy the delicious juice!!

#4. No more after

#5. Such an interesting performance

#6. Poor guy

#7. From a beautiful day to a sick day

#8. Dad!!

#9. A bird

#10. A cool man

#11. Only need a confident smile

#12. “Okay well, I have to go now!”

#13. He is so hot!!

#14. Beer is the good stuff in beauty

#15. It’s cool

#16. Showering

#17. Duking

#18. That’s a rugby ball I believe

#19. I just realized after that

#20. Where are you flying?

#21. Headshot!!

#22. Such a splendid scene

#23. I believe I can fly

#24. I guess God is in all of us

#25. I can do it

#26. When you feel that your luck is nearly coming

#27. That fraction of a second when you realize you can walk on water

#28. A professional bicyclist

#29. A gold moment

#30. That one must have hurt



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