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This cool dude proves that skirts and heels aren’t just for women, and here’s why ( 30 pics)

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When we wear clothes, we have some limits. Clothing differs mostly between men and women. Trousers, like frocks and skirts, are reserved for women, however they are worn by males as well. No one knows who or why such restrictions were imposed, but society continues to live with them. However, some people do not wish to live according to society and want to do as they like. We may recognize them as open-minded individuals who do not desire to conform to any stereotypes. So, like this man, there are a lot of folks who prefer to think beyond the box.

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Mark Bryan is a Robotic Engineer from the United States who resides in Germany. Except for his dress choices, he lives a typical existence. He’s taken a different approach to gender norms, wearing skirts and heels practically wherever he goes. He also wears skirts at home. We can’t dispute that he looks great in those skirts and shoes.

In a recent interview, he disclosed his actual emotions about wearing skirts and explained what drove him to do so. He always enjoyed the feeling of power he got from wearing skirts and heels, and he always liked the appearance he got from wearing skirts. And he is adamant that there should be no gender disparities in clothing. He like the fact that skirts, unlike trousers, come in a variety of colors and patterns. He is also a happily married man, and his wife is there to assist him in selecting the best-fitting skirts.

He also sends a powerful message to society by wearing skirts: if you genuinely love doing something that does not hurt anyone, simply do it and don’t heed to what society says. So we decided to share his inspiring tale with you along with some extremely stunning images of him.

More info & Photo credit : instagram / br.pinterest.com



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