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This Talented Artist Created 30 Hilarious Drawings On Pictures Of Everyday Objects

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What distinguishes a great artist? A great imagination is required of an artist in addition to talent. Its strength is undeniable. Imagination not only adds depth and’soul’ to the pictures, but also transports us to a new world we have never seen before. While most of us take flowers, fruit, and other natural items for granted, this creative Turkish-born artist turns them into works of art.

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Irfan Yilmaz, who goes by the handle “Doodletheaction” on Instagram, draws on photos of common things. The pictures of ordinary objects become vibrant and funny with just a few basic sketches. Furthermore, he helps us to become immersed in the characters’ emotions and experience what they would be like if they were actual people. I’m confident that his creations will transport you to fantastic places. Check them out by scrolling down.

#1. After taking a shower, do not forget to dry your hair

#2. You don’t have to take a photo of every god damn sunset. Let him rest guys! Jesus!

#3. Step pipe I’m stuck

#4. Suns out, guns out. Where’s the beach?

#5. What’s wrong with cutting down a tree or two for lumber?

#6. Outstanding

#7. Don’t wash your clothes with too hot water. Be careful!

#8. That’s how cousinship works

#9. Is it funny?

#10. 6 packed 6 lamps which have 6 pack

#11. Let me introduce my friend Onur. Ow! That human? I don’t know him

#12. Let our giant belly laugh

#13. Come on guys

#14. What a coincidence

#15. No matter who you think you are, you are what you are

#16. Such a rainy day! Everything’s getting wet

#17. Playing angry birds

#18. Such a tear-jerking movie!!

#19. Little change, big effect

#20. What did the Salt say to the Pepper?

#21. I’m sick

#22. The film was very delicious

#23. Watching scaring something with VR

#24. Always be awake. Everything can happen anytime, even while sleeping in a pool

#25. When I encounter a famous guy

#26. Enough space for the legs in a plane?

#27. When you complete the mission but can’t figure out how to escape


#29. I’m embarrassed

#30. Stressed



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