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30 Times Instagrammers Displayed Their ‘Real’ Bodies To The World, And The Internet Applauded Their ‘Sanity’

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We’ve all got a buddy or two that can’t upload a photo to Instagram or Facebook without heavily photoshopping it to the point where you can’t tell who they are. That says a lot about how the availability of picture manipulation technology has fueled society’s fixation with body image. On the other side, we have friends who aren’t scared to flaunt their natural attractiveness and enjoy having fun.

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People who go beyond with photo manipulation are frequently featured on the ‘Instagram Reality’ forum. However, every now and again, you see happy individuals who enjoy their bodies in all its (im)perfections, demonstrating how even an Instagram influencer may look like a blob if the angle is just off, and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

We’ve gathered some of the most wholesomely honest photographs from r/Instagramreality, so scroll down, upvote your favorite genuine Instagram photos, and let everyone know which ones you liked most and why in the comments. Share this list with your friends, especially those who you know have a propensity to overshop their photos in order to meet every beauty standard.

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#1 One Of My Favorite Comedians Posted This On Instagram And It Really Meant A Lot To Me. Skin Has Texture!


The ‘Instagram Reality’ subreddit has over 642,000 members, and it depicts social media as a “breeding ground for FaceTune and Photoshop,” with some individuals “getting away with it,” while others have their photos splattered all over the internet.

#2 Sanity Sunday: Stunning Both Ways And So Refreshing To See


#3 A Scandinavian Online Store Has Found A True Natural Beauty To Model For Them


On the internet, there are moments when sanity reigns, and among all the dismal and unpleasant news, there are some rays of sunlight that assist inspire and push us to do our best. ‘Sanity Sunday’ is a phenomena on the internet where Sundays are dedicated to good messages that help people relax, enjoy life, and escape the chaos of existence. At least for the time being, since, as we all know, Monday comes after Sunday.

#4 My Favourite Fitness Influencer. Yes You Can Get To 150k+ Without Excessive Use Of The Blur Tool


#5 Mango – Refreshing To See Older Models With No Photoshop


#6 A Great Thing To Keep In Mind


According to Cornell University Assistant Professor Brooke Erin Duffy, Instagram influencers confront a dilemma: not manipulating images might cause body shame, yet editing photos too much does also.

#7 The Power Of Make-Up


#8 Love This Honesty!


#9 Instagram Model Keeping It Real


#10 What I Love About The Royals On Instagram Is The Fact That They Don’t Edit Their Pictures. It’s A Breath Of Fresh Air To See Face Wrinkles And Skin Texture, This Is What Real Faces Look Like


“No one wants to be labeled a phony. Influencers are acutely aware of the need of presenting oneself truthfully while achieving the greatest possible image. Putting up a photo with a large spot is not considered appropriate. So either you put up the spot photo and receive abuse in the comments, or you take it off,” the Professor explained. She also cautioned that eliminating too many flaws will reveal that you’re working with photo-editing software. As a result, your admirers will call you out.

#11 I Love Love Love When Celebrities Post Unaltered Photos!


#12 She Keeps It 100% Real, And I Love It


#13 With Most People In The Beauty Influencer Industry Posting Images Photoshopped To Hell, Seeing An Artist Stop Editing Her Skin And Body Makes Me So Happy


#14 Natural Skin Texture


#15 Was Shopping For Bras The Other Day, When I Stumbled Upon This Fresh Air Of An Image


#16 She Posts Both Traditionally “Flattering” And “Unflattering” Pictures To Show People That Everyone Has Both Moments (She Also Shows Her Pores *gasp*)


#17 For All The People Who Get Insecure From Instagram


#18 I Primarily Follow Runners On Insta. I Thought You All Would Appreciate Her Photos


#19 Unposed vs. Posed. A 3 Second Transformation


#20 Celebrating Cellulite – Mad Respect For This Fitness Influencer


#21 Shoutout To Target For Not Overly Editing Their Model. If It’s A Marketing Strategy: It’s Working


#22 No Airbrushed Skin, No Photoshopped Nose, And No Bleached Teeth! Natural Is Normal


#23 I Appreciate That This Makeup Brand Doesn’t Pretend Like Their Foundation Magically Makes You Airbrushed


#24 My Friend Is Absolutely Stunning And Does Professional Modelling, But She Does Post Unflattering Photos To Prove That You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Beautiful And To Show That Every Body Has Flaws, Even If You Can’t Usually Tell!


#25 She’s My Favorite! So Gorgeous And Honest As Hell About Everything From Body Image, To Bad Skin, To Health Issues


#26 This Insta-Girl Posts Pics On Both ”good” And ”bad” Days And Gives No F**k About It. I Love It


#27 Body Positive Influencer Showing Off Her Stretch Marks


#28 Influencer Being Real & Opening Up About Insecurities With Her Body


#29 Just Thought It Was Nice To See A Model Who Has Millions Of Followers Show Some Body Rolls And Not Editing Her Pics


#30 Refreshing To See A Celebrity Who Doesn’t Airbrush Their Pictures!


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