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Body Acceptance Advocate Dresses Up As Celebrities To Demonstrate That You Don’t Have To Be Skinny To Look Good (30 New Pics)

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Meet Katie Sturino, a body acceptance campaigner and entrepreneur whose multimedia series ‘Make My Size’ and ‘Supersize The Look’ have gone viral since their inception. She’s been pushing women all over the world to be comfortable in their own skin and embrace their individuality, something that social media and magazine covers known for featuring size zero celebrities have failed to do.

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Katie’s “Supersize The Look” series was established as a result. The concept is simple: Katie is duplicating the same looks that celebrities have been flaunting on the streets to demonstrate that you can wear whatever you want and look just as beautiful (if not better!) than society’s super-thin population. Katie has pulled off every style from Kendall Jenner to Chrissy Teigen to the British princess Catherine Middleton.

“I hear you say, ‘But I can’t wear a crop top,’ and I say, ‘Yeah, you can!’ “It’s never about who wore it better because that thinking just keeps us down,” she recently posted to her 680k Instagram followers, reminding them that “it’s never about who wore it better because that mindset just keeps us down!” We’ve rounded together some of Katie’s most recent breathtaking looks below, which will serve as wonderful inspiration for your spring dress ensembles. After you’re done, make sure to check out our earlier articles with Katie’s viral series here, here, and here.

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#1 Nina Dobrev

As a result of social media’s emphasis on empowerment, the body-positive movement has gained a lot of traction. It’s no surprise that plus-size influencers on social media have been on the increase recently, using their platforms to promote body acceptance. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of committed followers have flocked to such curvaceous influencers, demonstrating how well appreciated and important their work is. To mention a few, consider Katie Sturino, Ashley Graham, Charli Howard, and Tess Holiday. One of these amazing women is Pua’Nani Owens, who we spoke with on social media about the body positivity and inclusion movement.

#2 Kate Middleton

#3 Kate Middleton

“Curvaceous women suffer the same issues as any other woman when it comes to fashion and style,” Pua’Nani Owens, a curvy lifestyle influencer and blogger from Hawaii, told Bored Panda. What makes plus size women’s issues unique, she noted, is finding a fashion business that caters to their sizes with apparel designed exclusively for curvaceous bodies.

“What I mean is that you can’t just make a size 4 dress wider.” Without breaking the money, the same attention to pattern-work and stitching that goes into straight-sized clothes must also go into plus-size apparel. That said, we often struggle with the kind of fashion designs that are available to us,” Pua noted, adding that many labels have grown much more inclusive in terms of styles and sizing in recent years.

#4 Sophia Bush

#5 Sofia Richie

#6 Katie Holmes

Pua, on the other hand, feels that we still have a long way to go. “That’s why more curvaceous ladies and males need to embrace who they are so that we can all be recognized and accepted as people as a community.” “Everyone is entitled to the fashion they choose,” she stated.

Body acceptance is important for women and men of all sizes, according to the curvy lifestyle influencer: “It’s just that curvaceous bodies are now leading the way with the trend.” True body positivity, according to Pua, begins on the inside and with each individual.

“Body positivity is the result of growing as a person and learning to embrace yourself.” Evolving via self-esteem, self-confidence, and discovering your value as a result of what your body can achieve for you rather than what it can physically or optically provide others. “If we all love and accept ourselves a bit more, we’ll be able to love and accept one other as a society,” she stated.

#7 Christina Najjar

#8 Karlie Kloss

#9 Vanessa Hudgens

Pua also informed us that there are hundreds of curvaceous influencers and plus-size fashionistas across all social media platforms. “It was because of the depiction of females with bodies like mine that I was able to take my place as a curvaceous lifestyle influencer.” “What began as a movement to love ourselves has evolved into a lifestyle of breaking the limits of both the beauty and fashion industries in order to develop and encourage inclusion,” she noted, adding that “everyone deserves to feel beautiful no matter where they are on their path.” This is why body positivity and acceptance are so crucial.”

#10 Benito Skinner

#11 Tia Mowry

#12 Olivia Wilde

#13 Hailey Bieber

#14 Meghan Markle

#15 Blake Lively

#16 Sara Foster

#17 Kourtney Kardashian

#18 Lady Gaga

#19 Hailey Bieber

#20 Meryl Streep

#21 Karlie Kloss

#22 Kate Beckinsale

#23 Gwyneth Paltrow

#24 Padma Lakshmi

#25 Remi Jo

#26 Hailey Bieber

#27 Anne Hathaway

#28 Zoƫ Kravitz

#29 Kaia Gerber

#30 Olivia Holt



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