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On Her Face, a Makeup Artist Creates Optical Illusion Art (20+ Photos)

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Make-up is a form of art that comes in a variety of styles and shapes. Make-up is different from painting in that it is applied to a person rather than a canvas. Make-up is commonly used to enhance and improve one’s look, which is its principal application. However, that is art in and of itself, and it may be utilized to create contemporary art.

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Because a face lacks the flat surface of traditional art canvases, it may be difficult to create art on it. This brilliant artist, though, was unfazed. Meet RJ, a phenomenal artist who goes by the moniker RJ on social media. She is well-known for the stunning make-up that she wears on her face.

These pieces of art are far more abstract and optical illusions than mere color play. She masterfully creates the art by exploiting the face’s structure. Anyone who looks at her art for the first time will be confused by the trickery. And it’s because of these qualities that she’s been able to amass a sizable social media following in such a short time.

Many people watch her videos and follow her on social media to witness her amazing work. This make-up artist shows that art does not have to be limited to a specific field; rather, it can be utilized to portray emotion, ideas, and artistry. RJ has shown to be a highly accomplished and imaginative artist. As a consequence, we’ve compiled a collection of her work for you to enjoy.

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