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Grandma poses with her husband in her wedding gown during a photo session by her granddaughter to commemorate their 70th wedding anniversary.

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It’s tough to think that “ever after” love exists in this day and age of hook-up culture and alarming divorce rates. It’s reassuring to know that some couples do spend the majority of their lives together; it gives many people hope. Fairytale love stories really exist, even if they are becoming increasingly rare.

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Anna Behning is a wedding photographer who is driven by the desire to capture “love.” “People who are deeply in love with each other energize me,” Anna said. When I shot my first wedding in December of 2018, I was overjoyed to be able to capture the couple’s love for each other! “I understood that wedding photography would be a part of my life forever.”

Anna just decided to photograph her grandparents in anticipation of their 70th wedding anniversary on January 6, 2022. She captured some gorgeous photographs of this lovely couple’s incredible “love,” which has lasted through thick and thin and is still enjoying one other’s company after all these years.

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Melvin and Nancy have been married for 70 years and are still going strong.

“Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t live without each other, even if their 70 years together were hardly picture-perfect,” Anna noted. Grandpa is stubborn and likes tormenting, yet he is a sweetheart who adores his children and grandkids. Grandma is a social butterfly who relishes the opportunity to entertain her family.”

“Their main form of connection in the early years of their marriage, when Grandpa was serving in the Korean War, was through letters in the mail,” the photographer continued. They started a family after returning from the war and had five children.”

When we asked Anna what sparked the idea of revisiting their wedding memories, she said it wasn’t anything she had planned. “I took my camera to my grandparents’ house and inquired whether Grandma still had her wedding gown.” Grandpa then rummaged through their garage storage bins in search of the garment. Grandma consented to pose it for us when I asked her. My mother then got out Grandpa’s war uniform, and we shot photographs in their backyard!” she went on.

“Oh, that was such a wonderful day!” This is what Anna had to say about the shooting. All suited up, they looked gorgeous! Grandma appeared to love the photos the most; Grandpa, on the other hand, was not so keen on smiling for the camera! These are, nonetheless, priceless experiences that our entire family will cherish for the rest of their life!”



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